Feature Fan: Schoolhouse

Soon after Thomas Edison developed the incandescent light bulb in 1879, the “Schoolhouse” glass shade was adapted as the almost universal diffuser for hanging lights. This shape of glass was found in classrooms, offices, hospitals and anywhere a diffused electric light source was needed.


The Schoolhouse Ceiling by The Modern Fan Company was developed to capture some of thisnostalgia.The glass on the Schoolhouse is fully incorporated onto the body, unifying the form rather than hanging as a light kit from the bottom like a conventional fan.


Wondering if the Schoolhouse will suit your design style? 


The Schoolhouse expertly combines modern technology with original interpretations of the late-nineteenth century and early-twentieth century architectural, interior and product design movements.

In plain English… this ceiling fan is best suited to a Period Arts styled home, or the Schoolhouse in White would pair beautifully with either a Traditional or French Provincial styled home.

The Schoolhouse also comes available in a Rubbed Bronze motor colour with a choice of Maple or Mahogany blades – You could even style your English Country inspired home with this colour palette, particularly if you have exposed timber beams or use a lot of fine carved furniture and antiques.


For colour choices and a list of more features, view the Schoolhouse now!


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