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August Feature Fan: Sycamore

The Sycamore ceiling fan has been around for quite some time, but it still remains an incredibly popular ceiling fan choice. Designed by Australian Michael Hort and manufactured by Iconic Fan Company, the Sycamore ceiling fan is a unique, dynamically balanced single blade ceiling fan, popular amongst architects and interior designers alike.

Inspired by the beauty of a falling Sycamore tree seed pod, the Sycamore exudes style and flair, with fantastic design features to complement any space.

The Motor: The motor housing, a low profile hugger, is made from Die Cast Aluminium, meaning it can withstand harsh outdoor elements such as sea salt content in the air.

The Blade: The dynamically balanced single blade is made from moulded polymer, so goes hand-in-hand with the motor when being able to withstand harsh elements without rusting or corroding. In addition, the form of the blade makes the Sycamore aero-dynamic, which when combined with its lower operating speeds and natural breeze effect, is a great option for those conscious about energy efficiency.

These great features were widely recognised when the Sycamore ceiling fan was the winner of the Good Design Award back in 2005. Since then, the Sycamore has retained its position in the market as one to beat!

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Found in amongst many residential homes, as well as public spaces such as cafes and art centres, the Sycamore ceiling fan is certainly a standout centrepiece. To read more features, including available colours, sizes and optional accessories, click here.

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