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August Feature Fan: Sycamore

August Feature Fan: Sycamore The Sycamore ceiling fan has been around for quite some time, but it still remains an incredibly popular ceiling fan choice. Designed by Australian Michael Hort and manufactured by Iconic Fan Company, the Sycamore ceiling fan is a unique, dynamically balanced single blade ceiling fan, popular amongst architects and interior designers alike. Inspired by the beauty of a falling Sycamore tree seed pod, the Sycamore exudes style and flair, with fantastic design features to complement any space. The Motor: The motor housing, a low profile hugger, is made from Die Cast Aluminium, meaning it can withstand harsh outdoor

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July Feature Fan: Dakota

July Feature Fan: Dakota The Dakota ceiling fan by Iconic Fan Company hasn’t been on the market for very long, only 7 months in fact, but it has caused a big stir already amongst home owners and renovators. With beautifully manufactured moulded polymer blades, and a compact motor housing, the Dakota ceiling fan exudes style and elegance while maintaining an incredibly modern flair. What makes the Dakota so good? The Dakota ceiling fan is riddled with all of the latest and greatest features, including a DC motor, adaptable LED light kit and a remote control that allows you to do almost anything!

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1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Blades – What’s Better?

1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Blades - What's Better? A common misconception about ceiling fans is that the more blades it has, the more air it will move. In fact, the amount of air a ceiling fan will move is dependent on a handful of factors, and not solely on the amount of blades it has. Blade Pitch Blade Pitch refers to the angle, measured in degrees, at which the blade is set. Also known as blade tilt, the blade pitch plays a big role in determining how much air is circulated by the ceiling fan. If a ceiling fan blade

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Meet the team at EID Fans

MEET THE TEAM AT EID FANS You might think that EID Fans is a big company based in a capital city with over 20 staff members. In truth, we are just a small family-run business, operating out of the reasonably small town of Albury, NSW. There’s just the 3 of us working here on a daily basis – Brian (aka the Dad), Alex (the son) and Sophie (the eldest daughter). Portia, the littlest of the McKeon clan, lives down in Melbourne studying to be a nutritionist. After losing our beautiful wife and mum to breast cancer in 2013, we’ve become an incredibly

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August Feature Fan: Schoolhouse

Soon after Thomas Edison developed the incandescent light bulb in 1879, the “Schoolhouse” glass shade was adapted as the almost universal diffuser for hanging lights. This shape of glass was found in classrooms, offices, hospitals and anywhere a diffused electric light source was needed.   The Schoolhouse Ceiling by The Modern Fan Company was developed to capture some of thisnostalgia.The glass on the Schoolhouse is fully incorporated onto the body, unifying the form rather than hanging as a light kit from the bottom like a conventional fan.   Wondering if the Schoolhouse will suit your design style?    The Schoolhouse expertly combines modern technology with original interpretations

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Ceiling Fan Tips: Little things make all the difference

Whether you’re giving your bedroom a new coat of paint or replacing a door handle on the front door, you want to follow 1 rule: do it properly! Buying cheap paint or a cheap door handle may just mean you’ll have to replace it again in a few months time. A very lonely door without a handle! Trust us… we know. The door handle to one of our office rooms broke 6 months ago and we still haven’t replaced it. Designer door handles – here we come! Well the same thing could be said for ceiling fans. While it might be financially

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Save Energy and Money in Winter with a Ceiling Fan

Have you ever wonder why a ceiling fan has a reversible Winter mode switch on the motor? Well it’s there to help you save energy and money! Most of us tend not to think about running a ceiling fan in winter when it’s 10 degrees outside and we need to sleep with two blankets at night, but that’s a bad habit we need to start changing. It has been estimated that ceiling fans can save up to 24% in heating costs – that’s huge! Ceiling fan blades come with varying degrees of pitch and move in an anti-clockwise direction. In Summer,

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