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Whether you’re giving your bedroom a new coat of paint or replacing a door handle on the front door, you want to follow 1 rule: do it properly! Buying cheap paint or a cheap door handle may just mean you’ll have to replace it again in a few months time.

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A very lonely door without a handle!

Trust us… we know. The door handle to one of our office rooms broke 6 months ago and we still haven’t replaced it. Designer door handles – here we come!

Well the same thing could be said for ceiling fans. While it might be financially friendly to buy a budget solution at the time, the cost you’ll spend replacing it will most likely end up being more than a higher priced alternative.

We’ve put together a few points that you should keep in mind when shopping for a ceiling fan.


What are important things to look for when buying a ceiling fan?

1. Warranty

As Australians, we are pretty lucky when it comes to faulty goods. The ACCC have imposed a minimum 2 year warranty on electrical goods such as ceiling fans. But what about after that initial 2 years? You’ll notice some companies offer a ‘parts’ warranty. A parts warranty means that for a certain period of time after your warranty expires, they’ll replace the part that has failed with your ceiling fan rather than replacing the whole unit. Sounds good doesn’t it? Well… not exactly.

What you’re not told when you purchase a ceiling fan with an additional parts warranty is that you’re responsible for the cost of either having an electrician service the item, or having an electrician remove it as well as postage costs back to the supplier to fix it, return postage costs and the cost of an electrician to re-install the fan. This ends up being the same, if not more, than the cost of replacing the fan.

Look for a longer on-site warranty than just what is required by law, like the 3 year on-site warranty that both Iconic Fan Company and The Modern Fan Company offer. An on-site warranty means that if anything is to go wrong with your ceiling fan within 3 years that is a manufacturer’s or workmanship fault, you’ll be entitled to a full replacement as well labour costs covered up to $100.00. Anything that is going to go wrong with a ceiling fan is bound to happen within the first 3 years so you’re well looked after with a 3 year on-site warranty. We’ve all seen 20 year old ceiling fans, and while totally outdated, they’re still as fit as fiddle and going strong.


2. Service

Look for a company that is going to provide you with excellent customer service and after sales support. What good is a warranty if that company is going to make it incredibly difficult for you to make a claim?

Here at EID Fans, we handle the warranty claims of the brands we sell directly. No waiting on hold with a representative at Head Office, no being passed from employee to employee without getting any solid answers and no getting lost within the chain of command. We are a family run business where any enquiries or problems are shared between us, so no matter who you talk to, your needs will be dealt with in a timely and friendly manner.


3. Quality

Quality is a big one! Sure, many fans out there all look the same, and as we said earlier, you might be easily swayed by the price tag, but some brands are cheaper for a reason – they’re made with lower quality materials.


How can you know the difference?

Look at what the item is made out of, from the motor housing, to the blades and bearings. If you’re looking for an outdoor fan, you’ll need something made from 304, 443 or 316 stainless steel. Brushed steel might look and sound like an outdoor fan, but it might not necessarily be treated for outdoor use. The same thing goes for timber blades. MDF is a highly absorbent timber and over time, this would cause timber blades to warp. Plywood is much stronger and does not have the same issues with moisture that MDF does. Chinese bearings, whilst making a fan cheaper, also wear down a lot quicker, and most of the time are responsible for that clicking and wobbling you come across with old fans.

While all of these components seem little at first, they can make such a huge difference to the life span on your fan. We are a fan of fans here at EID, and we just don’t want to see you end up with your fan looking as sad as this one…

sad fan www.eidfans.com


Check out our great range of high quality products today at FANtastic prices (Yep… we went there!).

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