July Feature Fan: Dakota

The Dakota ceiling fan by Iconic Fan Company hasn’t been on the market for very long, only 7 months in fact, but it has caused a big stir already amongst home owners and renovators. With beautifully manufactured moulded polymer blades, and a compact motor housing, the Dakota ceiling fan exudes style and elegance while maintaining an incredibly modern flair.

Dakota White River Deck Albury

What makes the Dakota so good?

The Dakota ceiling fan is riddled with all of the latest and greatest features, including a DC motor, adaptable LED light kit and a remote control that allows you to do almost anything! Let’s go into a little more detail about what makes the Dakota a standout product:

DC Motor: DC ceiling fans are becoming a much more popular choice of ceiling fan. The Dakota not only has a greater range of speed choices and a higher starting torque, it also consume less energy and has a quieter operation.

LED Light Kit: The light kit for the Dakota replaces the bottom plate, meaning no bulky add-ons and no additional height added to the overall drop of the fan. It maintains its modern exterior whilst becoming a highly functional light option for any space. LED lighting is also a great choice for consumers that wish to be more energy conscious.

Remote Control Functions: In addition to having 6 speed options and an on/off light function, the remote control for the Dakota goes even further in terms of controls than you could imagine! There is also a dimming function for the light, a button for winter/summer function (to reverse the direction of the ceiling fan), a 1 hour, 3 hour and 6 hour timing option AND a natural breeze function. By using the natural breeze effect function, the fan speed of the Dakota will modulate to simulate a natural breeze.

All of the great features listed above, combined with the beautiful design of the Dakota, truly make it a standout ceiling fan for this coming Summer. At the reasonable price of $499.00 which also includes the remote control, they will most definitely be flying off the shelf.

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