Coastal Ceiling Fans

If you live within 20km of the beach or coastline, it is highly recommended that you shop from our range of Coastal ceiling fans. Ceiling fans that are specifically made for coastal areas will be constructed from higher grade materials to avoid rust and corrosion, such as marine grade stainless steel, die cast aluminium or moulded polymer blades. Most fans constructed for tropical locations will be damp rated or have a tropical IP rating. Accessories for the below ceiling fans, such as lights kits or downrods, will also be made from corresponding marine grade materials.

What is Moulded Polymer? Moulded Polymer refers to the process of injecting melted plastic into a mould, where it cools and hardens to the shape of the mould. Plastic is not metallic, therefore it will not rust or corrode when exposed to harsh outdoor elements. Ceiling fans with moulded polymer blades are a great choice for coastal locations, and are also easier to clean and maintain than metal blades.

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Velo Ceiling Fan Gloss White 50″

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