DC Ceiling Fans

DC Ceiling Fans are becoming a more popular choice for many ceiling fan companies and manufacturers. DC stands for Direct Current, and refers to the unidirectional flow of electric charge. A DC fan has a variable, uneven flow, and in contrast, an AC fan changes direction 50 times a second in order to provide a constant flow. A DC ceiling fan will consume less energy with a higher starting torque, and they also have a quieter operation when compared to most AC ceiling fans.

Typically, DC ceiling fans have a greater range of speed control (such as 5 or 6 speeds) and a smaller motor body. With the ability to have a smaller motor body, there becomes a lot more flexibility in terms of design and due to this, we are seeing many more contemporary and modern designed ceiling fans incorporating smaller motor housings and smaller roof canopies.

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Orion Ceiling Fan Oil Rubbed Bronze 52″

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