Large Ceiling Fans

Large ceiling fans are sure to impress when it comes to both size and air movement. In this range, you will find ceiling fans 56 inches (132cm) or larger in sweep diameter. Sweep diameter refers to the overall distance end to end when a ceiling fan is in operation (or from blade tip to blade tip when referring to a four bladed ceiling fan). Large ceiling fans are a great option when you require air movement in a larger space such as living rooms, dining rooms or an outdoor entertainment alfresco.

Whilst 56 inches (132cm) is not considered amongst many to be a very large fan, when combined with a powerful motor and metal blades, the MAXair in 56″ is one of our biggest air movers, and a great option for areas requiring extra air movement. The MAXair ceiling fan is also available in a range of colours.

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Dakota Ceiling Fan Matt White 60″

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