Save Energy and Money in Winter with a Ceiling Fan

Have you ever wonder why a ceiling fan has a reversible Winter mode switch on the motor? Well it’s there to help you save energy and money!

Most of us tend not to think about running a ceiling fan in winter when it’s 10 degrees outside and we need to sleep with two blankets at night, but that’s a bad habit we need to start changing. It has been estimated that ceiling fans can save up to 24% in heating costs – that’s huge!

Ceiling fan blades come with varying degrees of pitch and move in an anti-clockwise direction. In Summer, this slight angle of the blades is designed to circulate air downwards into a room, effectively creating a breeze to cool us down.

During Winter, science takes over and hot air rises. Even though we have our heaters running on full ball, cool air naturally sinks, leaving us sitting in the coolest part of the room while our ceilings get nice and toasty. By placing a ceiling fan in Winter mode, the blades now move in a clockwise direction, forcing the hot air back down and regulating the entire temperature of the room.



By recirculating already heated air, you’ll be able to set your heater at a lower temperature to help save energy and money! Even just one extra degree on your thermostat can use between 5% to 10% more energy.

So even if it’s raining or hailing outside, put your ceiling fan on today! Don’t have one? Check out our range of ceiling fans today!


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